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Golf Course Management: Books

Golf Course Management is the prestigious credential that today’s golf course industry professionals are looking for.

Book of the Month

April 2020: Can I Have Your Attention?

Call Number: eBook

"A must read for anyone in the business of leading others." Ken May, CEO of Top Golf; former CEO of Fedex "If you want your team to stay focused, you will want to read Can I Have Your Attention?" Chester Elton, New York Times Best-Selling author of All In, The Carrot Principle and What Motivates Me Inspire better work habits. Focus your team. Get stuff done in the constantly connected workplace. As our workloads expand, attention has never been more valuable. Or more difficult to keep. In Can I Have your Attention?, Curt Steinhorst shows business leaders how to cut through the noise and get their employees back to work. Curt has spent years helping Fortune 500 companies overcome distraction and achieve focus. With technology creating endless opportunites to "improve productivity", people spend so much time responding to the interruptions that they've lost the ability to focus and do their jobs. Yet, the potential for harnessing the power of your team's attention has never been greater--if you can capture it. You'll learn how to: Implement a comprehensive organizational strategy to increase focus and overcome digital distraction. Take back control of the technology in your organization and life. Establish a Communication Compact, defining how, when, and why your team will communicate with each other. Create a "vault" to increase productivity, decrease stress, and boost your creativity. Free yourself and your employees from the never-ending flood of emails and messages. Achieve unmatched focus in the age of distraction. The smartphone isn't going away. Learn the simple rules and guidelines that will improve focus and create the mental space needed for your people to work to their full potential.

March 2020: Golf Turf Management

Call Number: eBook

Golf Turf Management provides information on major agronomic and economic topics related to building and maintaining a viable golf course. The book features basic and applied information on available grasses including selection and use; applied turfgrass physiology; soils and soil amendments; environmental concerns; and comprehensive information on turfgrass physiology, plant nutrition, turf fertilizers, and water management. It discusses managing turf diseases, insects, and weeds; turf cultural practices; managing greens and tees as well as corporate course management strategies. Color photographs throughout illustrate concepts and topics including all major pest problems associated with golf courses and various agronomic practices necessary for successful and profitable course operation. The book suggests strategies to develop best management practices for golf courses including personnel and financial considerations when developing and implementing annual budgets, leasing versus buying equipment, and managing inventory. This book features sixteen chapters organized in a logical sequence conducive for teaching and practical use. Drawing on the author's more than thirty years of experience and research, the author brings together a wealth of information on how to optimize golf turf management and performance. Golf Turf Management is the only complete, up-to-date text dedicated to agronomic practices and personnel management practices necessary for fiscal success.

February 2020: Financial Management

Call Number: eBook

Financial knowledge is crucial to helping individuals make better financial decisions as well as the financial markets to function well. What is neglected in these popular analyses is that the observed USD metrics are also impacted by changes in exchange rates. Thus, this book examines the extent to which exchange rate changes have potentially impacted perceptions of the rate of change in the global financial influence of the United States and Europe. Event study methodology has been extensively used in the finance literature to capture how stock markets react to certain information events such as mergers and acquisitions, financial crises, terrorist activities, changes to financial and environmental regulations, natural catastrophes, and many other events. Also, exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become one of the most innovative and popular financial instruments, with their diversification benefits at the core of their success. Nonetheless, the inherent link between ETFs and their underlying securities has cast doubts on their usage. Most people approach their later years without financial preparation. This book will look at a study which was carried out to determine older people financial distress, financial management behavior and financial satisfaction on their satisfaction with life.

January 2020: Trailblazers

Call Number: eBook

"Jam-packed with powerful advice, insights, and recommendations on how to market smarter, sell more, and capture the minds of the people who matter most" (David Newman, author of the #1 bestseller, Do It! Marketing).   Trailblazers reveals how leaders develop and move markets when others say it's impossible. Readers discover what twelve very different, yet highly successful, leaders did to achieve massive global success despite encountering countless setbacks, adversity, and critics during their journeys. Based on in-depth, recorded interviews, their stories are not only inspiring, but also reveal how they pushed onward when it seemed like quitting was the only option. Leaders will learn from the valuable wisdom and tips shared in this book--including the seven key characteristics all super successful and innovative leaders possess--and use them to immediately blaze their own successful trail in both business and life.   "A powerfully effective, clear-cut guide to addressing and overcoming the adversity and setbacks which are a part of every business professional's journey to success." --Ivan Misner, PhD, New York Times-bestselling author

November 2019: Organic Lawn Care

Call Number: SB 433 G37 2014

A lush green lawn is one of the great pleasures of the natural world, whether it's right outside your front door or on a majestic fairway at a legendary golf course. But anyone who has tried to grow the perfect lawn the conventional way knows it requires an endless cycle of watering and applying synthetic fertilizers and toxic chemical pesticides that costs a lot of money and kills all the life in the soil, on the surface, and on the grass. Fortunately, there's a better way. Organic lawn care is not only healthier for the environment, it's actually cheaper and less water-intensive, whether you're managing a small yard or acres of turf. In Organic Lawn Care: Growing Grass the Natural Way, Howard Garrett, the renowned "Dirt Doctor," takes you step-by-step through creating and maintaining turf organically. He begins with the soil, showing you how to establish a healthy habitat for grass. Then he discusses a variety of turfgrasses, including Bermudagrass, bluegrass, buffalograss, fescue, ryegrass, St. Augustine, and zoysia. Garrett explains in detail how to establish and maintain a lawn, including planting, mowing, watering, fertilizing, composting, and managing weeds and pests. And he offers alternatives to lawn grasses and turf, describing the situations in which they might be your best choice. Follow the program in Organic Lawn Care, and don't be surprised when your water bill drops dramatically and your lawn or golf course is the best-looking one around.

October 2019: Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape

Call Number: eBook

Water Use Efficiency for Irrigated Turf and Landscape provides a logical and scientifically sound approach to irrigation in urban areas in Australia. It is based on green space delivering defined outcomes using the principles of water sensitive urban design and irrigation efficiency. The book covers all stages of the water pathway from the source to delivery into the plant root zone. Major topics include system planning, estimating water demand, water quality, irrigation systems, soil management and irrigation performance evaluation. Features include clearly presented explanations, line drawings and worked examples and a plant water use database covering more than 250 plant species. A Water Management Planning template is included to guide water managers and operators through a process that will deliver a sound plan to achieve sustainable turf, urban trees and landscapes. Best Management Practice Irrigation principles are outlined and their implementation in open space turf and landscape situations is explained. The benefits and limitations of the various methods of delivering water to plants are covered, together with case studies and guidelines for specific horticultural situations. Methodologies to evaluate irrigated sites are included along with recommended benchmark values.

September 2019: Color Atlas of Turfgrass Weeds

Call Number: SB 608 T87 C645 2001

Identify and control weeds with this colorful, expanded edition--with bonus CD For more than a decade, the Color Atlas of Turfgrass Weeds has been the leading authority for green industry professionals in their ongoing quest to control weeds and limit deleterious effects: the weed clumps, color variation, and unsightly patches that disrupt turf uniformity. The Second Edition of this essential resource has been expanded and updated to provide control information that professionals need to maintain the quality that is so vital to the golf, sports field, and managed landscape industries. This new and expanded edition includes these vital updates: 50 new weed profiles, plus 400 additional, high-quality, full-color photographs featuring photographs of the weed in habit, the seedhead or flower, and in some cases, what the weed looks like when dormant An accompanying CD that features more than 1,000 photographs Valuable control strategies and recommendations for every weed Each weed alphabetically arranged by family and scientific name An alphabetical index that shows all the weeds featured

August 2019: Weed Control in Turf Grass and Ornamentals

Call Number: SB 608 T87 T89 2009

Weed Control in Turf and Ornamentals provides thorough coverage of weeds that are important in turfgrass and ornamentals-plant communities. The herbicides used in these plant communities are thoroughly treated with respect to their action and metabolism in the plant, their fate in the environment, and proper application methods. Additionally, weed control measures are covered with special emphasis on the safe and effective use of herbicides.landscape artisits or horticulturists

July 2019: Management of Soil Problems

Call Number: eBook

Soils are neither good nor bad, but some have inherent or acquired characteristics that may or may not suit our intended use. Unsuitable characteristics are considered to be soil problems, soil constraints or soil limitations. Only twelve percent of global land is right for agricultural production without much limitation. Some soils have severe limitations for crop production. These soils are so called 'problem soils'. Many of them do not have enough fertility to be productive; some are arid and sali≠ some are very sandy and dry; and some are wet and waterlogged for most of the growing season. The global demand for food, wood, fuel, fiber, medicine and other plant products for the 7.2 billion current world population has created such an immense pressure on global soil resources that even the most fertile soils are losing their productive capacity. We are being compelled to bring more and more unsuitable or marginally suitable soils under cultivation. Unless innovative and integrated soil, crop and environmental management practices are adopted for their improvement and sustainable use, further degradation is inevitable. This book, Management of Soil Problems, identifies the problems and discusses management options in a smooth and reader-friendly style. It will be useful for students and professionals of soil science, agriculture, forestry, geography and environmental sciences.

June 2019: Management of Turfgrass Diseases

Call Number: SB 608 T87 V37 2005

This third edition;of Management of Turfgrass Disease is completely revised and updated to provide the latest information on maintaining a healthy turf and identifying and treating turf diseases. Written by a leading international lecturer on turf grasses, the book's focus is on prevention as it lays out specific strategies you can follow to stop disease from occurring in the first place. The book also addresses cultural, genetic, biological, and chemical approaches to turf management and provides practical solutions to everyday problems. You'll learn about cool and warm season grasses, growing conditions, new diseases, symptoms, and identification and management techniques. Valuable tips on irrigation, fertilization, and grass culture are included, as are 72 full-color photographs and more than 100 figures.

May 2019: Soil Contamination

Call Number: eBook

In this compilation, the authors present the results of the systematic study of the spatial distribution of trace metals in surface soil over the Bitola Region, Republic of Macedonia, known for its coal mine and thermoelectrical power plant activities. 149 soil samples were collected including top-soil and bottom-soil samples. Following this, the area in the vicinity of lead-zinc mine "Toranica" near the Kriva Palanka town in Eastern Macedonia was examined for the lithogenic and anthropogenic distribution of 17 elements, and alluvial soil samples and authomorphic soil samples were collected from the Kriva Reka River Basin. The authors aim to contribute to our understanding of the behaviour of nanoparticles in the soil, their uptake and distribution within plants, impact of soil microbial communities, and their interactions with other pollutants. Later, an analysis of developed and applied measures and methods for rehabilitation of radioactively contaminated soils of Belarus (as a result of Chernobyl accident) is presented. The authors also go on to summarize a case study on the presence of natural U-isotopes in two soil profiles developed over sandstones from the Paraná sedimentary basin in São Paulo State, Brazil, in order to evaluate the timescale of the weathering processes taking place there. The book suggests synergistic biological mechanisms as a less expensive, environment-friendly method for remediation of pesticide polluted soils. The concluding chapter discusses biochar, a form of char and charcoal made from the partial combustion of organic materials. Its properties include high water-holding capacity, large surface area, cation exchange capacity, and impact, especially on microbial communities. (Nova)

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