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Technical Support: ID Cards

Get answers to your tech questions. Technical support for students and staff at Olds College is provided by the Learning Commons Service Desk and the Information Technology Department.

ID Cards

ID Cards


  • Your photo must be in a colour .jpg format and less than 2 mb
  • Passport photos are a good choice
  • Most cell phone camera photos are acceptable
  • Cropping is not necessary if you do not have the resources to do so
  • Faces must be clearly visible and facing forward – NO profile shots
  • We will NOT accept photos with hats, headbands, toques or sunglasses
  • No graduation caps, gowns or costumes can be worn
  • Your photo must have a neutral background (i.e. a white wall is best)
  • Nothing can be touching the face such as hands, trees or graduation certificate
  • NO GLAMOUR OR CANDID SHOTS.  This photo should be similar to your driver’s license, but we do request that you smile

We reserve the right to disallow inappropriate photos. No advertising or messages are allowed in the identification photos. When sending a photo, keep in mind it is for ID purposes and if you can't imagine the photo on your passport, you should choose to send a different one.


Student ID Cards - Benefits

The Olds College Identification Card is your official identification card as a Student for Olds College.

Why Do I Need an Olds College ID?

  • Official Identification - This is the official ID to represent that you are a registered student at Olds College.
  • Meal Plans - For those students living in residence or that have a meal plan, you will require your ID to use this service.
  • Printing - Swipe your student ID card at the printer in the library and your jobs will process for you.
  • Library Loans - To use & sign out information and resources your Student ID is required.
  • Discounts - Places across town provide 10-15% discounts.(Edo, Subway, Lammles, Dominos, Jiffy Lube, etc.)
  • Olds College Gym - This ID gives you access to the Olds College gym.