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Technical Support: Internet & Wifi

Get answers to your tech questions. Technical support for students and staff at Olds College is provided by the Learning Commons Service Desk and the Information Technology Department.

Olds College Network

Olds College Wifi - Public

There is a free, public wireless network covering all of the buildings on campus called OldsCollegeWifi.  This is the perfect network for guests and users that do not have Olds College login credentials or require network access for mobile devices. 

This network provides internet access only and is the easiest network to connect to, with no password requirements.  This network does not allow access to file servers, print servers or any other network resources. Note that if you are using an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod), this unsecured network does not have a lock beside the network name.

Olds College Wifi - Secure

There is also a secure wireless network covering all of the buildings on campus called OldsCollegeSecure.  Connect to this network with your Olds College username and password if you require network access to printers, projectors, or network file storage. This is the most common network for student laptops, and tablets. Note that if you are using an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod), this secure network has a lock beside the network name.

You must manually connect to OldsCollegeSecure (much like you do for other public access wireless networks). This can be used from most laptops, tablets and/or smartphones.

Connecting to Olds College Secure

Step 1: Connect to the OldsCollegeSecure with your wireless connection on your device (as you do for other public networks).

IPad Wifi Secure.png

Step 2: Type your username - this is the same as your Olds College campus computer log in

Step 3: Type your password - this is the same as your Olds College campus computer password


Step 4: Click "Join" blue button on the top right corner.


Step 5: Accept the Certificate.

Your device will be connected to the OldsCollegeSecure network.

Opening a Network Location

There are some capabilities to access Olds College Network resources using your personal computer. Please ensure that your computer is free of viruses and that it's security applications are up to date before accessing College network resources.

The first thing you need to do is connect to the Olds College Wireless or an on campus network wire. In most cases, you need to be physically on the Olds College campus to access the Olds College network. The only exceptions are using the VPN (Staff/Faculty only) or using a tool such as DropBox. 

Once you have an Olds College network connection (by using the wireless, a wired connection or the VPN), you can open some Olds College Network resources.

Common Network Locations
  • \\files\staff\username – the location of the staff/faculty personal (H) drive (replace username with your user name)
  • \\files\student\IDNumber – the location of the student personal (H) drive (replace IDNumber with your student ID number
  • \\files\share – the location of the staff/faculty shared files (S) drive

Connection Insructions
Step 1: Click Start
Step 2: Type the name of the network resource, including the \\ as listed above in bold
Step 3: Enter your Olds College network username when prompted, including the domain name: WIN\username
Step 4: Enter your Olds College network password
Step 5: You can then use the network location (or install a printer).

Keep in Mind: You will need to re authenticate each time to attempt to connect to an Olds College network resource with your personal computer.

For information on how to do this with a personal MAC computer (OS X only) - visit Apple's website here: OS X 10.9, previous version of OS X.

Keep in Mind: This is provided for your information only. Olds College IT is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.