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Technical Support: Off Campus Access

Get answers to your tech questions. Technical support for students and staff at Olds College is provided by the Learning Commons Service Desk and the Information Technology Department.

Off Campus Access

There are two ways to sigh onto our Library electronic resources. With the single sign on you should be able to use your Olds College Gmail sign on credentials. Some areas ask for your Library barcode. You can find the Library barcode on your student ID it start with 141.... The 4 digit PIN/password was sent in an email at the beginning of your first term at Olds College. If you have not done so you may need to create a username and password for one or more of the electronic resources. To do this you need to either be on Campus and create the account. The other way is to go to this website -- and login using your Olds College Gmail sign on credentials. Then use the Firefox browser to go to the Library website and find the electronic resource you are interested in. This should again prompt you to create an account. Once the account is created you should not need to to use the Nimbus website again to access electronic resources.