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APA (7th Edition) Style Guide: Citation Basics

APA (7th Edition) Style Guide

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Google Docs Citation Generator

Google Docs has an integrated tool for adding APA 7th Ed citations.

Step 1: Open your Google Doc

Step 2: On the top left-hand side click 'Tools'

Step 3: Under Tools click 'Citations'

Step 4: From here you can change the type of citation you want and fill in the fields

You should always double-check generated citations!

What is the Purpose?

What is the purpose of citations?

Citations help readers locate your sources. The consistency of APA citation style helps readers focus on the ideas being presented and scan other works quickly for key points, findings, and sources. Sources should be credited appropriately, and papers are organized consistently. Citations also help avoid plagiarism.

See Olds College Policy: D31: Academic Integrity

APA requires FOUR ELEMENTS of every citation:

  • WHO - Author of content
  • WHEN - Date the content was published
  • WHAT - Title of the content
  • WHERE - Publication Information (This can be the website you got it from or the journal or book's publication information)

If any of the elements listed above are unavailable, check out the authors part of this APA Citation Style Guide, under 'In-Text Citation".

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Citation Generators

If you don't need to cite very many resources, you might want to use one of the following citation generators.
You should always double-check generated citations!

Always double check your references - if you enter information incorrectly, the citation generator will spit it back incorrectly.