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APA (7th Edition) Style Guide: Conference Presentations

APA (7th Edition) Style Guide

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Conference Presentations Standard Format

Conference Sessions and Presentations
Who When What Publisher Info DOI or URL

Presenter, A. A. & Presenter, B. B.


(year, Month date range)

Title of contribution: Use sentence case [Type of contribution].

Conference Name, Location.


Symposium Contributions
Who When What Edited Book Information DOI or URL

Author, A. A. & Author, B. B.

(year, Month date range). Title of contribution: Use sentence case.

In C. C.  Chairperson (Chair), Title of symposium [Symposium].  Conference Name, Location.


American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed).

Conference Presentations Formatting Rules

  • Date should match the date(s) of the full conference
  • Conference Proceedings published in journal or book should follow the same format for a journal or edited book chapter

Conference Presentations Examples

Paper from published conference proceedings available online

Dahal, G.  (2016).  Education policy and its contribution to socioeconomic development of

Nepal with reference to some selected Asian countries.  Paper presented at the 3rd Teaching and Education Conference, Barcelona Spain.  Retrieved from

Paper from published conference proceedings available in print

Arem, G. L. (2006). The effects of teaching and playing experience on ability to diagnose a

motor skill. In P. Brewer & Firmin, M. (Eds.), Ethnographic and qualitative research in education: Proceedings of the seventeenth annual conference (pp.1-20). Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press.

Paper presentation

Zhang, H. & Llebot, C.  (2019, April).  Data sharing wizard: An active learning tool for

students and researchers [Paper presentation]. Association of College and Research Libraries meeting, Cleveland, OH.